We like brand new sparkly things everyone else has, one of us answers to 'Bridezilla' and we LOVE the Kardashians. Is Skywild for us?

No. Not ever.

We cannot check ANY of the above boxes...we're in! How does this work?

It's desert easy.
  • First, pick out the items you'd like to rent.
  • Second, drop us an email at info@skywilddesign.com with your list. We'll check the availability of each item for your date, then give you the quote along with a delivery estimate.
  • Next, when you're ready to commit, you'll pay 50% of your rental total to reserve your selection and the remaining 50% 2 weeks prior to the event. We recommend reserving your items as soon as possible. Many are one of a kind pieces.
  • Then, we’ll get in touch 48 hours prior to the delivery to discuss any last minute details that may need attention.
  • We deliver at the pre-determined time.


Is there a minimum?

This does not include delivery and pick up.

Do you only rent by the day?


What's the deal with delivery?

High Desert: This includes Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms, Yucca Valley, Landers and Pioneertown, CA. Delivery and pick up is typically $100. to $200. in the High Desert; it will vary with the amount of items and mileage. If you're further than 30 miles from Joshua Tree, let us know, and we can talk.  Is your event in the Palm Springs area? Let's chat. 

Can I come see your stuff in person?

Sorry, we don't have an official show room at this time and many items may already be scattered throughout the High Desert venues.

Can I pick up the rentals myself?

No, sorry. Delivery and pick up is handled by Skywild.

Can Skywild take care of the set up?

Yes it's an additional service we provide. (Meaning: we charge for this) Read 'Styling Services' under the 'Services' menu tab. We'll put your Skywild decor in place like a champ. No worries. Does this include floral arrangement or child management? Ummm... no. 

What does 'natural patina' mean?

It doesn't mean we're lazy, we just prefer the way wood and metals acquire their own character over time. We're all about the vast array of colors and different stages of tarnish all mixed together. (No brand new, shiny-sparkly things, remember?)

I’m looking for something in particular and I don’t see it on your site, can you help?

We do love a good hunt. We almost always have things waiting to be photographed and added to the site, so you never know. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll try and help.

What if I break it?

We subscribe to the "you break it, you buy it" golden standard. We won’t be upset, it happens; none of our mothers named us Grace at Skywild, and rightly so. But we do charge a replacement cost if its broken, which is typically 3-4 times the rental price; it varies depending on the piece. 

Hey! Did you know 'Skywild' isn't a real word?

Yeah. We know. It's a term we coined describing 'our people'. The ones who found their way to the desert. The ones who stop whatever they're doing to look upwards, message each other and say, "Did you see that insane sunset?"... "Go outside and look at the moon!" and post countless photos of clouds, Joshua Tree silhouettes, and unbelievable sunsets. 

Have more questions?

Just ask.